Trump Reports Giant Coverup – Disloyalty

Trump Reports COVERUP - Heres Whos Involved!


President Biden criticized his predecessor harshly for handling sensitive data carelessly, yet he now finds himself in the same predicament.

Donald Trump, the former head of state, recently claimed there had been a significant coverup of the Biden document issue. A group that had formerly been among the 45th President’s largest supporters was also targeted by him.

During a recent interview on Real America’s Voice with “The Water Cooler” presenter David Brody, Trump made the comments. The presenter questioned the former president about notable members of the evangelical community who chose not to back him, including Pastor Robert Jeffress.

The action, according to Trump, was a betrayal of loyalty. The previous head of state observed that the issue was widespread in politics. He cited the fact that he appointed three of the Supreme Court justices who contributed to the overturning of Roe v. Wade as evidence that he had done more for pro-life supporters than anybody else.

Brody then questioned the former president about his thoughts on the current situation involving Biden and the sensitive materials that authorities have discovered.

Biden’s former office at the University of Pennsylvania was where the president’s attorneys first uncovered classified information. Later, they discovered more records at Biden’s private property in Wilmington.

Trump called the situation extremely sad, adding that he has a different stance from Biden. Trump clarified that as president, he had the right to declassify material, in contrast to Biden’s position as Obama’s vice president, which precluded him from exercising that power.

Trump said that the Justice Department’s officials use a double standard. He mentioned the FBI raid at the current president’s exclusive Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida and said that Biden’s legal team was left to go over the president’s secret records.

Trump also criticized his predecessor, claiming that Obama had owned the records and questioning why the 44th President had let Biden to take them.


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