Trump Says Putin Was Provoked Into Invasion by Biden

Donald Trump PUTIN Announcement - Nobody Expected This!


Former President Trump is still one of the most outspoken detractors of President Joe Biden’s administration. The ex-commander-in-chief proceeded to raise the same worries during a recent news conference at Mar-a-Lago, where he accused Biden of inciting Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

The former leader stated that there are two “n-words” people shouldn’t utter, and one of them is “nuclear.”

Trump said that before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, nuclear weapons were virtually ever discussed. He questioned why it has become such a popular conversational subject in recent years.

The former president then turned his focus to Biden, characterizing him as a man with “no mind left” who had little to begin with. He accused Biden of persuading Putin to go to war with Ukraine and raised serious concerns about the current president’s capacity to negotiate on behalf of the American people.

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Trump cited Biden’s statements as the primary inspiration for his remarks. Early in 2022, the president pledged that if Russia attacked Ukraine, the US would hold Moscow responsible.

At the moment, Biden appeared to acknowledge that the course of Putin’s precise pre-event activities would determine how America would react. He made an explicit allusion to the possibility that the administration would decide to ignore a “minor incursion.”

In a recent public speech, Trump said that if it weren’t for Biden’s remarks, Putin would never have invaded Ukraine. He clarified that his successor’s comments were precisely what Putin wanted to hear since they suggested that there would be no consequences if the Kremlin merely annexed a little portion of the neighboring nation.

In reaction to Russia’s ongoing intrusions, the US has poured tens of billions of dollars’ worth of resources, money, and equipment into Ukraine. Even now, there is a good chance that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will continue to get assistance from the United States. In fact, only one month ago in December, Congress authorized a roughly $45 billion funding package that includes a lot of Patriot missiles.


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