US Intel Chair Reveals Disturbing Detail About FBI Seizures

U.S. Intel Releases DISTURBING Detail About FBI Seizures!


In August 2022, the FBI carried out a search warrant at the Florida estate of former President Donald Trump, where they allegedly discovered numerous boxes of National Archives-owned classified papers. A few months later, it was revealed that Vice President Joseph Biden’s lawyers had discovered secret records at the vice president’s former workplace. Further searches were conducted after that finding, and additional archived classified documents were found.

Sensitive documents also appeared at former Vice President Mike Pence’s residence simultaneously, raising the following questions: Why, exactly what, and how? According to a recent interview, at least one member of Congress appears to be dissatisfied with how much information the FBI is disclosing about the probe.

Congressmen Jim Himes (D-CT) and Mike Turner (R-OH) spoke on “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd” on March 5 to discuss a variety of topics, including the confidential papers. Todd questioned the representative from Connecticut on his satisfaction with the classified documents briefing he got in his capacity as Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Himes argued that the committee must do greater effort to make sure the government is conducting an adequate investigation.

Turner was then asked if he knew what was in the top-secret documents by the host. He denied it. Todd was informed by the Ohio lawmaker that the FBI was “not being forthcoming” with the details. Even though the committee members have permission to see the information, he claimed, the bureau is concerned that disclosing some of it would compromise its ongoing investigation. Turner had his doubts about that. The lawmaker disclosed that the FBI only provided general information on the type of documents and the individuals who had access to them. Todd sought to get the congressmen to disclose the document security levels, but they were reluctant to do so.

To look into the classified materials instances involving Trump and Biden, the Department of Justice hired two special legal counsel. Robert Hur, a former US attorney for Maryland, is investigating the president’s problem, and Jack Smith, a former federal prosecutor, is investigating Trump on this and other issues.

Himes made it plain that Congress, the FBI, and all other parties concerned want thorough investigations during the “Meet the Press” interview. The Connecticut lawmaker seems to comprehend that when conducting an investigation, certain facts must be kept confidential. The bipartisan alarm about the handling of sensitive documents in general, which must be handled, was one point on which both congressmen could agree.


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