US Jet Shoots Down Another Unidentified Object Over Canada

    US High On ALERT- Air Defense Shoots Down Unidentified Object!


    A US military plane shot down an unknown aerial item in Canada’s Yukon Territory on Saturday. Despite the recent downing of another unidentified intruder in Alaska, President Biden’s administration has been deafeningly mute on the subject.

    Canada blocked down parts of its airspace due to a “active air defense operation,” which resulted in the destruction of an item that had breached Canadian airspace, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Both Canadian and US aircraft were scrambled, according to Trudeau, with a US F-22 successfully firing at the object. However, no information on the type of the object or where it landed was provided.

    Earlier in the day, at least one new airborne object was being tracked by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the joint US-Canada military response team in charge of coordinating air defense on the continent, according to Canada’s Global News.

    On Friday, recovery efforts in Deadhorse, Alaska, were underway to recover the remains of an object that had entered American airspace before being shot down by a Sidewinder missile launched from an F-22 Raptor fighter jet. Military personnel, the Alaska National Guard, local law enforcement, and the FBI assisted in the search, which was hampered by difficult arctic weather conditions.

    The item managed to enter American airspace without being discovered beforehand, and pilots who flew near it reported conflicting findings, with some alleging it “interfered” with aircraft sensors.

    A week earlier, the US military knocked down a massive Chinese surveillance balloon that had gone over the whole North American continent before being destroyed on February 4. Seaborne recovery activities near Myrtle Beach are still ongoing. However, the look, capabilities, and ownership of the latest intruder remain unknown, with officials merely claiming that it was “not identical in size or shape” to the previous spy balloon. “We don’t know who owns it — whether it’s state-owned, corporate-owned, or privately-owned, we really don’t know,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

    Former acting Secretary of Defense for President Trump, Chris Miller, attacked the administration’s lack of knowledge, saying:

    “We don’t know if it’s a Chinese balloon or just some kid,” an incredulous Miller told Fox News. “If you’re a writer for Saturday Night Live, you’ve got all the material you need for the next three weeks.”

    Republicans have chastised President Biden for his slow response to China’s surveillance balloon, as well as his handling of the current airspace intrusion.

    In response to the intrusion of the Chinese spy balloon, the Biden administration sanctioned six Chinese companies, including five aerospace corporations and one research institute, for alleged support of China’s military modernization efforts, including airships and balloons used for intelligence and reconnaissance. The penalties will prevent the entities targeted from purchasing American technological materials.

    Deputy Secretary Don Graves stated, “The Commerce Department will not hesitate to continue to use … regulatory and enforcement tools to protect U.S. national security and sovereignty.”


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