US Military Doubles Down on Controversial Issue

U.S. Sergeant DOUBLES DOWN on Controversial Issue!


An Army soldier from the 82nd Airborne division sparked a heated debate on Twitter when he shared a tweet reaffirming his support for LGBTQ+ ideas that are considered controversial by some. Sergeant Major Michael Grinston tried to address the issue of discriminatory harassment within the military, expressing his defense of gender identity and viewing negative remarks as a chance to review and discourage unwelcome behavior. However, not everyone was impressed with his message, leading to a strong reaction on social media.

On June 16, Grinston sparked a conflict by retweeting a post from the official Twitter account of the 82nd Airborne, which showcased advertisements for their “Pride Month Observance Event” with rainbow decorations. The original tweet discussed Juneteenth initially before transitioning to Pride Month, using hashtags for both occasions and acknowledging the participation of LGBTQ+ individuals in the annual celebration.

The US Air Force also shared a similar tweet, featuring their branch’s emblem, a silhouette of a soldier saluting, and a Pride flag. The tweet stated that the department proudly acknowledges and celebrates the LGBTQI+ service members throughout generations. The Post Millennial suggested that the depiction of the soldier in the image, which could be interpreted as facing either towards or away from the Pride flag, seemed to be saluting it.

The posts received significant criticism, but Grinston exacerbated the situation by providing another opportunity for offended veterans to express their dissatisfaction. He reminded Twitter users, seemingly reprimanding them, about the expected behavior from individuals in leadership positions within the military. As a ranking military member, the sergeant major defended his standpoint by emphasizing his duty to defend against “abusive treatment toward others.” He also stated that failing to do so would bring discredit upon the Army.

Despite their boldness and optimism, both the Army and Air Force are currently facing a concerning decline in enlistment levels for 2023. Both branches anticipate falling short of their recruitment goals by approximately 10,000 individuals, primarily due to a lack of interest among qualified candidates. Officials assert that they are taking all necessary measures to reverse this trend, but some individuals are discontent with the direction these branches have taken in the recruitment process.


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