Woman Moves Out After Discovering Burglar In Her Closet



As per reports, a California woman recently vacated her upscale apartment complex following the unsettling discovery of a hidden intruder. Brittney Heinzman had recently settled into her condominium in Irvine, California. Upon her return on December 1st from the Thanksgiving holiday, she was confronted with a ransacked unit and an unlocked door, despite her efforts to secure the apartment.

Despite her belief in having properly secured her residence, Heinzman was dismayed to find that valuables amounting to thousands of dollars had disappeared. When exploring her home, she stumbled upon a woman concealed in a closet, brandishing a pizza cutter, as recounted to local media.

A look of terror appeared on the stranger’s face when Heinzman shouted for her to leave. Heinzman recalled that the intruder begged her not to inflict harm, although she had raised a similar concern, given that the intruder was wielding a pizza cutter.

The intruder was swiftly expelled from the apartment. After taking a moment to compose herself, Heinzman reached out to the authorities.

Several units away from Heinzman’s, Irvine authorities apprehended 43-year-old serial burglar Wendy Wilkinson at her apartment after obtaining a search warrant.

According to court records, Wilkinson was already on bail for a separate burglary when she was taken into custody. The Harbor Justice Center documents indicated her detention on a $150,000 bond, revealing her occupation as a receptionist. Her court date was set for December 13.

Irvine, known for its safety, holds the distinction of being one of California’s safest cities. Last year, the FBI ranked it as the safest city of its size in the United States. According to the organization’s compiled data, Irvine boasted the best rate of violent crime per capita among all American cities with a population of 250,000 or more. This recognition has been upheld for the past 17 consecutive years.


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