2024 Candidate Makes Jaw-Dropping Pardon Announcement

Pardon BOMBSHELL - He Actually Said It!


Presently, ex-President Donald Trump is confronting 40 serious accusations concerning a case involving classified documents. Additionally, he disclosed that federal authorities might potentially bring charges against him for purported offenses related to the 2020 election. Despite these legal challenges, Trump has consistently asserted his determination to remain in the political race. Interestingly, one of his adversaries emphasized in a recent interview that should Trump decide to withdraw from the race and another conservative candidate emerge victorious, there exists a chance they could pardon him.

Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman and Republican candidate seeking the nomination, recently discussed the fresh charges against Donald Trump in an interview with CNN’s Kasie Hunt on July 30. On July 27, US Attorney Jack Smith filed a revised indictment, accusing the former President of various offenses, including altering, destroying, mutilating, or concealing documents or records. Trump also faces charges related to corruptly altering or destroying records or objects, as well as willfully retaining national defense information.

Hunt acknowledged that Ramaswamy had previously expressed his intention to pardon Trump. However, she inquired whether he still holds the same stance in light of the new indictment. In response, the Republican candidate stated that he remains committed to advancing America and confirmed that he “would pardon him.” He further asserted his belief that the charges against Trump are politically motivated.

Ramaswamy further expressed his belief that the Department of Justice (DOJ) should refrain from convicting someone for a process-related offense when there was no underlying crime involved. He considered the charges against the former president as process crimes because, in his view, they are crimes that only exist due to the investigation itself.

It’s not specified which of the 40 felony charges Ramaswamy was referring to as a process crime. Some of the charges against Trump pertain to the alleged removal and retention of classified material, while others are related to the purported cover-up of these offenses.

Unlike Ramaswamy, not all Republican candidates share the same perspective. During the same program, Kasie Hunt questioned Chris Christie about whether he believed the former president obstructed justice. The former New Jersey governor asserted that he believes Trump’s actions were indeed obstructive and described them as “brazen.” Christie had previously expressed reservations about granting any pardon if Trump is convicted, stating that he would find it challenging to consider such a move.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has indicated that he would contemplate pardoning Trump. Nikki Haley has advocated for Trump to be granted a pardon “for the good of the nation.” Ron DeSantis has also conveyed his willingness to consider the possibility of a pardon for Trump.


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