Crypto Millionaire Found in Suitcase After Posting Chilling Messages

Millionaire DEAD - Found in a SUITCASE!


Fernando Pérez Algaba boasts a substantial following of over 924,000 on his Instagram account. As a social media influencer, he frequently showcased his opulent lifestyle, sharing images of his extravagant cars, apparel, and trips. Supposedly, he amassed his wealth by engaging in Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

Tragically, a group of youngsters stumbled upon the lifeless body of this millionaire. According to reports, he had been receiving ominous messages before his untimely demise.

On July 19, Algaba was expected to hand over the keys for the property he had been leasing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, he failed to appear and return the keys, leaving the apartment owner concerned as Algaba was also unresponsive to phone calls.

Subsequently, on Sunday, July 23, a suitcase was discovered by a group of children in a stream located in Ingeniero Budge. To their horror, they found limbs inside the suitcase when they opened it. After conducting a search, the police located his head and torso on Wednesday. The identification of the body parts as belonging to Algaba was possible due to his distinctive tattoos.

The social media sensation was shot to death, according to an autopsy. According to reports, the cuts on his limbs were clean, indicating that he had professional training.

During the months preceding his demise, Algaba supposedly incurred the wrath of the Barra Bravas, a notorious gang operating in Argentina. According to reports, the criminal group demanded a payment of $40,000 from the influencer. In response to the situation, Algaba apparently composed a message on his phone stating, “If something happens to me, everyone is already warned.”

The victim allegedly got a threatening message from a person going by the name of “Iglesias,” in which he stated his plan to kill and torture the victim. To stop anyone from gaining access to the influencer’s fortune in the future, the message contained instructions to “gouge out” his eyes and cut off his hands. Unsettlingly, the sender even expressed a desire to go to jail for committing the crime.

According to reports, in another voicemail, the angry individual stated, “You have betrayed me. I have a poison with you that I hate.” Algaba was said to be heavily indebted to Argentina’s tax agency and allegedly owed Iglesias’ son a sum of $70,000, prompting the demand for repayment.

Additionally, another person named Adrian Tesei left a message expressing his intent to take drastic action against the victim, mentioning a desire to remove his head. However, he clarified that he wasn’t making a threat but rather indicating his intense anger towards Algaba.

According to sources, it was reported that Algaba had developed a gambling issue in recent years. He left another message on his phone confessing to significant losses in cryptocurrency investments.

Rodolfo Pérez Algaba refuted allegations that his brother was involved in any scams, as some had suggested. He also stated that he was unsure if his sibling had any connections with the gang. He clarified that his brother worked as a car salesman and had experienced financial losses in the cryptocurrency venture.


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