Arizona Library Dedicated to Late Senator John McCain

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During a recent trip to Arizona, President Joe Biden declared that federal resources would be allocated for the construction of a library and an institute dedicated to commemorating his close associate and former Senator, the late John McCain. Biden commended McCain’s readiness to diverge from his political party on significant matters and prioritize the welfare of the nation.

The McCain Library, to be named as such, is envisioned as a versatile facility aimed at assisting underserved communities within Arizona. Its purpose encompasses the provision of employment programs, educational opportunities, and healthcare monitoring initiatives for all individuals residing in the region.

Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Senator and recently appointed ambassador to U.N. agencies overseeing food and agriculture, introduced President Biden during the event. She expressed her gratitude to him for paying tribute to her deceased husband and championing the causes he fervently supported.

In a notable move before the 2020 election, McCain notably endorsed Biden over Trump, a decision that many believe played a significant role in Biden becoming the first Democrat to secure Arizona’s electoral votes in 27 years. McCain clarified that although neither she nor her husband aligned with Biden on all issues and often had profound disagreements, they held the belief that he was a person of integrity and sound character.

John McCain personally extended an invitation to President Biden to deliver a eulogy at his funeral. Following McCain’s passing, his surviving family expressed their preference that President Trump not be in attendance. During his eulogy for McCain, President Biden reflected on how McCain adhered to a set of principles that held “honor, courage, integrity, and duty.”

Following the Senator’s demise, his widow expressed her aspirations for the establishment of a memorial library in his name, although she had uncertainties about the source of funding.

President Biden, through the $1.9 trillion Covid relief package titled the American Rescue Plan Act, enacted in 2021, secured the necessary funding for the library. Further financial support will be contributed by Arizona State University.

In his address unveiling the library project, President Biden hailed McCain as a true patriot. He remarked that even in death, McCain’s influence remains palpable, resonating within our hearts and guiding our conscience.


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