Iran Pulls Off Successful Satellite Launch

Iran Opens NEW Frontier - US on NOTICE!


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced that it had successfully launched the Noor-3 satellite into orbit at the end of September 2023. The assertion has been verified by the US Space Force. 

On Iranian state media, Revolutionary Guard space commander Gen. AIi Jafarabadi hailed the launch and said that it would aid in self-defense against what he called remote-controlled technologies like drones. They firmly assert that they launched the satellite for peaceful purposes.

According to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), this is the third successful satellite launch. Experts say it’s uncertain whether satellite launches violate United Nations Security Council resolution 2015 or not. 

Iran has pledged to continue launching satellites, regardless of the law. Late in 2023, a UN agreement provision that would have prevented Iran from developing ballistic missiles will expire. Some people are concerned because of this reality and Iran’s ties with Russia.

The argument for a peaceful Iran is hurt by claims that Iran gave Russia drones and weapons to use against Ukraine. Despite the UN clause, European states will continue to impose their own sanctions, just as the US has done.

Amnesty International claims that 2022 was the most turbulent year for Iran in a number of years. War crimes started in Belgium, women started to strive for equal rights, and the situation in Syria and Ukraine received unfavorable attention in Iran. Pregnant women were killed in Iraq by the IRGC, and broader violations of human rights made headlines all across the world.

Uncertainty surrounds whether the 2015 UN resolution has achieved its objectives, but as Iran begins to circumvent the restrictions, it is clear that the world will be closely watching what Iran does, who Iran is supporting, and how the world can safeguard itself from what could become a volatile region. Sanctions will continue to be in place in the hopes that they will succeed.


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