Biden Admin Taking Action At US-Mexico Border

He's Acting NOW - What Is Biden's GAME?


Border crossings are on the rise once more after a short period of decline subsequent to the conclusion of Title 42. The Biden administration has initiated measures to tackle the increase in unauthorized individuals crossing the border, as per a report by Fox News. A representative from Customs and Border Protection conveyed to Fox recently that the agency has been taking steps to manage the significant influx of migrants traversing the desert close to Ajo. This involves bolstering personnel and transportation resources in that region.

Numerous news sources conveyed that the Border Patrol had constructed a containment zone enclosed by chain link fencing at the Ajo station. Nonetheless, the representative from Customs and Border Patrol clarified that the migrants housed in this vicinity are sheltered from the sun and supervised as they prepare for transfer to a more adequately equipped facility.

The spokesperson informed Fox News that the Border Patrol has placed significant emphasis on promptly moving unauthorized individuals away from the perilous desert regions, which pose heightened risks during the summer. These individuals are relocated to different Border Patrol establishments where they are provided with sustenance, hydration, and medical attention.

The sheltered outdoor spaces at the Ajo Border Patrol station are employed only briefly and when essential for individuals awaiting transfer to larger Border Patrol centers, as per the spokesperson’s statement.

Additional indications suggest that the Biden administration is preparing for another increase in border crossings.

Earlier this month, reports emerged that the Pentagon had decided to retain some of the U.S. service members temporarily stationed at the border beyond their initial 90-day deployment period.

Initially, when the Pentagon instructed the deployment of troops in May, all 1,500 were scheduled to conclude their mission on August 8. However, the Pentagon later announced that 400 personnel would remain stationed there until the end of August.

According to a recent report from Fox News, the Department of Homeland Security circulated an internal memo earlier this month, expressing its need for volunteers to assist with the processing of migrants who are crossing the border.


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