Biden Administration’s Lack of Transparency Is Sowing American Distrust

Biden's Latest SECRET Is Bringing Down America!


On February 4, President Joe Biden gave the order to the US military to shoot down a Chinese surveillance balloon over the Atlantic Ocean. Tensions rose as Americans questioned how much data the balloon had collected before it was destroyed. Radars warned security personnel of more potential dangers in the weeks that followed as numerous other objects in the sky were seen by numerous people.

This time, Biden moved swiftly and gave the order to US fighter jets to shoot down three UFOs over North America. But, he didn’t address these significant measures until many days later.

On February 10, the military was instructed to fire a UFO that would endanger commercial aircraft, just six days after the President successfully destroyed the Chinese spy balloon that had been circling above most of the US. Similar issues arose over the following two days, and Biden’s solution was to fire down the unusual, unidentified flying objects.

These scenarios occurred over the Great Lakes, over Canada’s Yukon area, and close to Alaska. Since the first missile was a miss, it required two to destroy the remaining one. Without factoring in the expense of flying the plane, each missile cost around $400,000.

Following these trips, a lot of Americans clamored for further details regarding the floating objects. US officials assured the public that there was no proof they were any type of surveillance technology and that they were instead scientific or recreational tools. Following several days of silence, Biden reaffirmed these remarks.

Biden finally admitted receiving orders to fire down three UFOs in recent days on Thursday, February 16. He said he was moving “in accordance with established parameters for determining how to deal with unidentified aerial objects in US airspace.” 

Meanwhile, US intelligence is searching through the debris to learn more details about the wrecked objects.


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