Top 9/11 Lawyer Cautions Public Over EPA Statements

9/11 Lawyer ERUPTS - Says Don't Believe Them!


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is adamant that there is no risk to locals following the accident of an Ohio train, despite the region being covered in a cloud of deadly black smoke.

A well-known attorney who has represented thousands of 9/11 survivors disagrees, though. He advises people not to put their faith in the EPA’s claims.

A freight train derailed west of East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3. Norfolk Southern Railway purposefully punctured five vinyl chloride tank cars and burnt off their contents to avert an explosion, unleashing hazardous chemicals including phosgene, which was used as a chemical weapon in World War I. Locals were forced to leave but were eventually permitted to return home. Since then, the EPA has assured them that the air and water they may consume are safe.

Michael Barasch has some doubts. More than 25,000 9/11 terrorist attack survivors who were exposed to poisonous dust in Manhattan following the catastrophe are represented by the attorney’s legal company.

He claims that there is now a chance that the EPA is overstating its case for East Palestine. He suggests they evacuate a 20-mile radius around the disaster site and treat it as contaminated until “independent scientists” give it a clean bill of health instead of asking why scientists are claiming the air is safe “when they don’t really know” he doesn’t understand how scientists can be so confident there’s no risk.

Due to residues of dangerous substances streaming downstream from the East Palestine region, the Northern Kentucky Water District and Greater Cincinnati Water Works temporarily stopped receiving supplies from the Ohio River. They said there was now no risk in their locations and that the supply had been cut off as a preventative measure before contamination reached them.


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