Biden Blasted For Using Military As Backdrop For Battle Speech


The reviews of the most controversial rant from “Mr. Unity” quickly began to trickle in after Biden ended his foul, belligerent speech in Philadelphia, and they were predictably unfavorable from the 70 million Americans he said were actively attempting to destroy democracy.

Vote for the people I say, or you’re a fascist, was the message that Biden delivered, but it wasn’t only the foreboding red color that covered Independence Hall’s walls that caught attention. No, what caught people’s attention was the two Marines standing behind the president at attention.

Even CNN talent was alarmed by the display at the time. The positioning of the Marines behind Biden for such a political address was criticized by chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny as breaking with White House customs.

The placing of Marines behind Biden for a speech like the one on Thursday night, according to CNN’s Brianna Keilar, goes against the notion that the American military is meant to remain nonpartisan.

Regarding etiquette and previous examples, Thursday night’s political exploitation of military people was not even Biden’s first gaffe.

Perhaps in one respect, Biden’s aggressive speech—ironically presented by the White House as one of unity—was successful. It brought together journalists from opposing political parties to criticize the president’s use of images.


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