Biden Just Interfered In Hunter’s Prosecution On National TV


President Biden has no business discussing his son Hunter’s situation, much less standing up for him as he did to Jake Tapper on Tuesday night.

That was a blatant plea for leniency coming from the head of the Justice Department, who is considering whether to indict Hunter. How is this issue not being handled by an independent attorney, as required by department standards, is a question we’ve raised in the past. It is very obvious that Justice has already postponed this inquiry.

Additionally, the president only brought up Hunter’s confessed fabrications on a federal firearms form, not the considerably more severe allegations of tax evasion, and Tapper didn’t press the issue.

Casual viewers may believe that mercy is necessary, and much of the media will support this belief. The true Hunter case, however, involves selling influence with Joe Biden, perhaps for Joe’s financial gain.

Instead of a parent encouraging their child, here was a potential co-conspirator seeking to have a case against him dismissed.

“I’m proud of my son,” who got “hooked on drugs” but has “established a new life,” the prez said: “He’s on the straight and narrow, and he has been for a couple years now.”


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