Late Night TV Show Torches Biden In Recent Hilarious Skit


In a recent skit, NBC’s Saturday Night Live unexpectedly and hilariously took aim at Joe Biden.

The opening gag of the sketch makes light of Joe Biden’s most recent math error.

“This week Biden pardoned thousands of convicted marijuana users, and it feels like maybe he celebrated with them a little because yesterday Biden gave a speech at a car factory and opened with this.”

Then, a video of Biden giving the address is played, in which he mumbles, “Let me start off with two words made in America.”

What transpires when you let this man to talk without a teleprompter is astounding. Oh no, he wouldn’t even be able to do that because he would say things like, “End of quote, repeat line,” and he wasn’t even lucid enough to realize that those weren’t words to be stated.

What a funny dig at the president’s inability to speak to reporters the way a healthy, normal president should.

“Biden was then heard criticizing reporters at the White House for shouting questions at him. Questions like, what year is it and who is the current president? Also, they weren’t reporters, they were doctors.”

It’s well known that Biden needs a list of carefully chosen reporters so as not to overburden the president and force him to collapse in front of the entire globe. But at this point, that’s not particularly unusual.

I guess the cheat sheet Biden’s aides have to give him before press briefings isn’t going to address random questions being asked of him on the fly, in order to keep his evident senility from coming over too much.

Speaking of medical professionals, it would be interesting to know how Biden performed on the same mental acuity exam that Trump aced with flying colors as president.

Given that he is the alleged head of the free world, the outcomes would be both absurd and scary.


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