Biden Reminded to Say God Bless America on July 4


It was necessary to remind President Joe Biden to end his comments with “God bless America” before the White House’s Fourth of July fireworks display.

On Monday night, Jill Biden, the first lady, prompted Biden to finish his statement by praying for America.

The president, seeming a little perplexed, looked at his wife who once again murmured, “God bless America.” 

God bless America, and thank you, the president said as he turned the microphone to his wife, who repeated the phrase three times.

And God protect our soldiers, thank you,” Biden, 79, said.

The awkward conversation came before the US Marine Band and US Sea Chanters completed their performance.

Social media users shared their opinions on what they believed to be Biden’s most recent error.

“A sad thing to watch,” one person criticized.

Another claimed Jill Biden should convince the president to step down for his own wellbeing, according to the source.

“Unreal. The look on her face can you imagine having to do that 24/7? Ashamed is my only word I can think of. I have laughed and joked about this human. However, his wife is allowing it daily. Sickening,” a comment on YouTube stated.

At the NATO meeting in Madrid on Thursday, Biden made a mistake when he told reporters that Switzerland, a neutral country, was joining NATO. The president meant to mention Sweden.

We picked up the phone and contacted the head of Switzerland after he mentioned that he and the leader of Finland had discussed the Nordic nation joining NATO.

Because he is the oldest president in history, Biden’s public appearances, which are already scrutinized as president, have drawn more attention.

At a White House meeting with representatives from the wind business late last month, Biden produced a card that included detailed instructions for him.


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