Some Dems Worried VP Harris May Run For President


With a new Civiqs poll giving him a 30 percent support rating, President Joe Biden is still struggling in the polls.

Even worse, only 35% of respondents to a subsequent Civiqs poll approved of how Vice President Kamala Harris has done. Democrats are worried about what would occur if Biden decides against running for re-election as a result.

Members of Harris’ party are in despair about the prospect of Kamala Harris being nominated in 2024.

The vice president’s supporters have long claimed that racism and misogyny are holding her back, but University of Virginia politics professor Larry Sabato told the Post that this isn’t the case.

“Her main problem is not being a woman or mixed race, her problem is she has low ratings just like President Biden,” Sabato stated.

“If Biden were riding sky high, she would be doing relatively well as well,” he stated, adding, “She would be seen as a popular successor carrying on a popular president’s mandate,” he added.

Harris exudes incompetence, according to a wealthy Democratic donor who talked on the record on the condition of anonymity.

“She doesn’t know how to establish a team that has a shared goal,” said an unidentified Democratic employee on Capitol Hill echoing that view.

Chris Coffey, a political strategist for Democrats, offers a different perspective,  “Kamala is a strong black woman, the first elected vice president. Democrats can’t win without having high black turnout. She is a role model and a beacon to millions of people around the country.”


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