Biden Removes His Mask And Then Proceeds To Cough Into His Hand


The viral videos of US President Joe Biden coughing just before signing a measure and shaking hands with many politicians afterward caused some discomfort among social media users. The event happened on Tuesday, more than a week after President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 test resulted in a negative result. The Inflation Reduction Act, a significant spending bill for healthcare and climate change, was signed into law by the US President, providing Democrats another boost before the pivotal mid-term elections.

The law is expected to generate $740 billion in revenue over the next ten years through a mix of higher corporate taxes, stock buyback taxes, and more enforcement of tax regulations on high-income people.

Several journalists and media sources broadcast the video of the President acting in a similar way. The video shows President Biden removing his mask to cough into his hand before signing the legislation, handing the pen to Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and shaking hands with everyone else in the room.

Just before stepping up to shake hands with individuals following the signing of the bill, he also placed his mask back on.

After witnessing the video, several Twitter users expressed their horror.

Prior to shaking hands with multiple congressmen, President Joe Biden had repeatedly coughed throughout a White House speech on the passing of the CHIPS measure.

Social media users were quite interested in another video that showed the US President shaking Senator Chuck Schumer’s hand and then extending his hand for another handshake seconds later.


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