WH Finally Makes an Admission About the 6 Feet Social Distancing Rule


The White House is finally conceding that it was absolutely incorrect regarding that scientific advice after two years of social withdrawal at grocery shops, the gym, and even outside at a park.

People have heard the phrases “Keep six feet apart” and “social distance” from so-called experts seeking to generate fear in people by telling them that as long as they are six feet away from others, they are safe.

Ashish Jha, the Covid-19 czar for the White House, acknowledged that the social separation regulation was not at all effective.

Jha stated during a Covid briefing that “A lot of time [was spent] talking about six feet of distance, 15 minutes of being together. We realize that’s actually not the right way to think about this,”

He admitted that the restriction wasn’t the best strategy for stopping the infection from spreading. It was more about the air quality you were breathing in your immediate environment.

During an interview in September, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, stated that they just made up the six feet rule.

“Nobody knows where it came from. Most people assume that the six feet of distance, the recommendation for keeping six feet apart, comes from some old studies related to flu, where droplets don’t travel more than six feet,” Gottlieb said.

Jha also acknowledged that spending time outside is healthy and that it would take a long time to become infected with Covid.

This comes after the CDC changed earlier Covid guidelines, such as the idea that vaccinated and unvaccinated people should be treated equally rather than granting preferential treatment to those who complied with the totalitarian demands of the Democrats.


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