Biden Tells a Mountain of Horrible Lies In Latest PA Speech


It appears that Joe Biden is preparing for his address on Thursday in which he will once more criticize MAGA Republicans and tell some falsehoods. Biden is doing all in his power to discredit Republicans, including not only the elected officials but also the tens of millions of Trump fans.

But although Biden was in Pennsylvania today to support candidates, he overstepped the mark and said a ton of falsehoods. It was amusing that John Fetterman couldn’t be bothered to attend to Biden when he was there. Most likely because candidates don’t want to be associated with Biden in such a prominent way given his poor popularity rating.

But here is what Biden stated about Jan. 6 at the event – he seems to be utterly misinformed or flat-out dishonest about the truth:

“Imagine if you turned on the television in Washington D.C., and saw a mob of a thousand people storming down the hallways of the Parliament, breaking down the doors, trying to overturn an outcome of the election, and killing several police officers.You hear some of my friends on the other team talking about political violence and how it’s necessary.”

The level of Biden’s fabrications is becoming alarming. He says that using force is never right, yet he is the one who labels his political rivals as fascists and demonizes them. In the wake of an attempted assassination, he is the one calling for protests against the Supreme Court and branding the Court an extreme institution.

As part of his ongoing fabrications, Biden claimed that prominent senators and congressmen were urging bloodshed on the streets.

No Republican made that request. There is a distinction between mentioning the possibility of rioting and encouraging it.

Even as he attempts to blame the Republicans for it, Biden is doing everything he can to exacerbate the rift. While his political rival is being investigated by the FBI, he attacks any allegations of partiality. Criticizing the prejudice being reported by FBI whistleblowers is not inciting violence.


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