Biden’s Base Shrinks by Double Digits in a Single Month

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President Joe Biden’s approval rating among the American populace has significantly plummeted since his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2021. In contrast, his backing within the Democratic party has also seen a notable decline, marking a shift in his previously robust support.

Gallup’s most recent poll regarding President Biden’s approval ratings was unveiled on October 26. This survey was carried out from October 2 to October 23. It revealed a substantial 11-point decline in his approval among Democratic Party members when compared to September. In the current data, only 75% of Democrats express their support for the president, marking a notable decrease from the previous month when 86% stood behind him.

The survey was conducted against the backdrop of mounting Progressive frustration with President Biden’s approach to the conflict between Israel and Gaza. The president has consistently voiced unwavering support for Israel, particularly following the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, which tragically claimed the lives of numerous innocent civilians. 

On the other hand, far-left Democrats have called on the president to advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza, especially after Israel’s decision to cut off essential services such as electricity, water, and food to the region, which was subsequently subjected to weeks of sustained airstrikes.

Progressive Democrats are pressing for President Biden to cease financial support to the Israeli military and adopt a resolute position against Israel’s actions in Gaza. Some individuals, who were previously Twitter users, have utilized the social media platform to declare their intention not to support Biden in future elections. One user labeled him as an ineffectual advocate of war.

The president’s approval ratings are not only declining among Democrats but also experiencing drops among Independents and the entire American populace. Among Independents, his approval has decreased from 39% to 35%. It has also dipped below 40% when considering all U.S. adults, falling from 41% to 37%. According to Gallup, his approval rating has now fallen below the 40% threshold on four occasions since he assumed office.

All in all, these figures do not bode well for the current president as he progresses toward the general election.


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