Pilot Facing Dozens of Attempted Murder Charges

DOZENS of Charges Filed - Look What He Did!


Airline officials revealed that a flight departing from Washington State on its way to San Francisco had to be rerouted to Portland, Oregon, due to a credible security concern. Subsequent to this occurrence, a person recognized as an off-duty pilot from Alaska Airlines was apprehended by law enforcement and accused of more than 80 counts of attempted homicide. Officials stated that he made an attempt to disable the airplane’s engine while it was in flight.

Alaska Airlines conveyed in a communication to the network that Flight 2059 had reported a security concern associated with an authorized individual in the jump seat of the flight deck. The airline emphasized that the security personnel successfully ensured the safety of the aircraft.

Alaska Airlines also pointed out that the flight made a secure diversion to Portland International Airport, following instructions from air traffic control and adhering to Federal Aviation Administration protocols. They further mentioned that the incident is presently under scrutiny by law enforcement authorities and assured that all passengers on board would be accommodated on a subsequent flight. 

Concluding their statement, the airline expressed appreciation for the effective handling of the situation by officials and commended the passengers for their patience and composure during this incident.

In a distinct statement, the FBI’s Portland branch affirmed that the agency is presently conducting an investigation into the matter. They also disclosed that the plane’s pilot safely landed the aircraft at the Portland airport without any mishaps, assuring that no passengers sustained injuries during the process. Lastly, the field office assured the American public that there is no ongoing threat associated with this incident.

Online records from the detention facility disclosed that the arrested pilot was identified as Joseph David Emerson, a 44-year-old individual. Emerson has since asserted that he was going through a mental health crisis during the incident and had ingested psychedelic mushrooms several days before the event.

Officials from the Port of Portland took him into custody and subsequently processed his entry into the Multnomah County jail.


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