Biden’s New IRS To Come After You With Guns and Amor


After President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act was approved, the IRS is prepared to launch a massive hiring drive to hire thousands of new officers using public funds.

The agency received an Inflation Reduction Act reduction of $80 billion, which it would utilize to expand its workforce by 2031. A $40 billion budget was set aside for “enforcement-related” activities, such as hiring special operatives who, according to their job description, will be armed and ready to use force when required.

The description also states that detectives from the IRS Criminal Investigation section, who have long been used with carrying weapons and using specialized gear, will be furnished with all of the amenities found in a police station.

It was revealed earlier this year that the IRS spent $700,000 on weapons. These monies were used to purchase surveillance vehicles, radio communication gear, body armor, electronic surveillance gear, audio and video gear, cameras and lenses, night vision gear, optical gear, money for trusted informants, and padded training outfits.

The IRS seems to have been planning for this development for some time based on how quickly they took action, and the public is left skeptical about the implications of this dubious development.

In a letter to the Senate, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig stated that the middle class need not be concerned about this increase.

Despite this, observers have remained unpersuaded because all the evidence points to the middle class as the intended victim. According to estimates from nonpartisan tax watchdog Joint Committee on Taxation, a sizable portion of the money the IRS will need to expand its size will come from the wallets of small companies.


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