Will Gun Haters Come After Knives Now That Knife Crimes Are Surging


As violent crime increases across the board in New York, the number of fatal stabbings is rising quickly. Only this year, according to NYPD figures released on Monday, did significant crime increase by 36%. Additionally, compared to the same period in 2021, fatal stabbings jumped by a startling 43 percent in August 2022. Additionally, the incidence of grand theft is up 48.3%, vehicle theft is up 42%, robbery is up 39%, rapes are up 10%, and felonious assaults are up 19.5% in NYC.

Since knives are a more common instrument, it appears that folks in the Big Apple have taken to utilizing them more frequently and are going on stabbing rampages.

There are criminals roaming the streets of many other democratic-run cities, thus New York City is not alone in this crime craziness. Parts of once-great cities have become genuine war zones as a result of violent crime and a complete disrespect for the worth of human life, from the blood-filled streets of Chicago’s Southside to Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, and many other Democrat cities.

Only these Democrats are aware of the goals behind their decision to release countless murders and dangerous offenders from prison. They have effectively demonstrated that they lack the necessary skills to lead a state as a whole if they had anticipated anything less than the rising crime rate in their states.

It is thought that since people have given them control by voting them to these positions, protection and security are what they least anticipate. These democratic leaders, however, who are too responsible for the rise in crime, have purposely fallen short in this straightforward responsibility.

As a former NYPD sergeant and adjunct lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, Joseph Giacalone gave a summary of the circumstances.

As was to be expected, both current NYC Mayor Eric Adams and previous NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have declined requests for interviews. It is only reasonable to assume that violent criminals and murderers won’t be accessible to discuss the effects of their past deeds after being let back into society.

This has demonstrated that Democrats just pretend to care about people’s lives and only act when a situation directly impacts them or has the potential to be beneficial. That explains why they didn’t give a damn about the so-called “assault knives” the way they did the guns.


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