Biden’s Wife Jill Gets Heckled by Protester


Now that gas prices have decreased due to a lack of demand, Joe Biden is attempting to convince us that they have done so in some way. The Biden campaign boasts that a 50-cent cut at around one-fifth of the nation’s gas stations will save Americans $25 per month.

The gas is still more than $2.00 more expensive than it was when Biden took office, so if they want to make that case, as we have pointed out, it will cost us more than $100 more a month. Americans are not naive; they are aware of the price Joe Biden is forcing onto them.

Jill Biden was visiting Connecticut on Wednesday when a guy made that point to her rather bluntly. Jill Biden wasn’t covering her face because it was the day before Joe received a COVID diagnosis. She led her motorcade to a halt in front of an ice cream shop and stepped out. Ned Lamont, governor of Connecticut, was with her.

The Secret Service had separated a small group of individuals from the rest of the walkway. Despite the fact that Connecticut is a blue state, individuals are nonetheless upset about the high pricing. “Your husband is the worst President we ever had,” a guy yelled at Jill, “and you owe us gas money.”

Biden continued, “I want to thank you for your support. She ducked behind the door as someone else shouted something that sounded like “You suck.”

Things are not going well when you have such a negative response in a strongly Democratic state, not to mention that the speaker’s remarks were dead on.


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