Latest VP Harris Mistake Proves Too Much for the WH to Clean Up


At the National Urban League’s annual meeting on Friday, Harris made an appearance.

As soon as Harris entered the stage, one of the first things she did was remove her disguise and give Birmingham, Alabama, Mayor Randall Woodfin a bear hug.

This presents a dilemma since Harris is regarded as one of Biden’s close associates and Biden, as we all know, has COVID. She is thus required to wear a mask whenever she is among other people in accordance with the CDC’s rules, you know, the ones they want regular people to abide by.

In a refreshing move, reporters quizzed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Biden COVID Response Coordinator Ashish Jha about why Harris wasn’t wearing a mask when the CDC makes it quite clear that she should.

He attempted to withdraw at one point after becoming so desperate by claiming he couldn’t remark on something he hadn’t directly witnessed. Even Jean-Pierre, who he had turned to for help, had to turn to him since she was unable to explain it.

One day after Biden received a COVID diagnosis, he was photographed in a room without a mask on while looking at a phone and holding what appeared to be a blank notebook. According to CDC guidelines, he too should have been wearing a mask since at least one other person was in the room. The White House’s botched explanation for why Harris did not follow the CDC’s protocols is unfortunate timing.

Incredibly, Jean-response Pierre’s to a reporter’s question about why Biden wasn’t following the CDC recommendations as he had repeatedly urged Americans to do in order to contain the coronavirus was that “he took off his mask so that the American people could see him and directly see that work he is doing.”


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