Boeing Fires Executive Ed Clark

FIRED - Top Executive Gets the Can!


Boeing, a prominent manufacturer of aircraft and defense systems, recently terminated a key executive, Ed Clark. Clark, responsible for managing Boeing’s 737 Max passenger jet program, faced scrutiny amid concerns regarding the safety of the 737-9 Max aircraft. In an effort to enhance safety measures and regain public confidence, the company has initiated a restructuring of its leadership.

Boeing’s 737 Max stands as the company’s top-selling aircraft, making it a cornerstone of their fleet. However, this popularity turned into a significant setback when a blocked emergency exit on one of its 737-9 jets dislodged shortly after takeoff, resulting in a substantial rupture in the aircraft’s side. Following this incident, Alaska Airlines promptly halted all flights scheduled to utilize this widely-used model, allowing authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

According to a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board, the missing door was attributed to absent bolts. Remarkably, the aircraft apparently departed the factory without detection of this oversight.

The corporation has provided several updates regarding its management of the potentially life-threatening incident. Dave Calhoun, the president and CEO, expressed Boeing’s complete accountability for the situation. He further stated that the company swiftly addressed the issue and has since implemented a comprehensive control plan to ensure that door plug installations consistently adhere to its specifications.

As part of the solution, significant changes were made to the leadership of the Max program. Katie Ringgold, formerly the Vice President of 737 Delivery Operations, has assumed Clark’s previous role. Elizabeth Lund, Boeing’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of airplane programs, transitioned to a new position as Senior Vice President for Boeing Commercial Airplane (BCA) Quality. 

Meanwhile, Mike Fleming, the company’s Senior Vice President of development programs and customer support, will now oversee BCA Quality.

Boeing affirms its full cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration’s investigation. Additionally, the manufacturer has extended invitations to its customers to visit its facilities and personally inspect the implemented modifications.


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