Ronna McDaniel Announces Her Departure From RNC Position

She's LEAVING - Resignation Announced


There are upcoming changes in the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has formally announced her resignation from the position effective March 8, resolving weeks of uncertainty surrounding her plans.

McDaniel assumed the leadership of the RNC in 2017, endorsed for the role by then-President Donald Trump following his victory in the 2020 election. However, she quickly encountered criticism due to the Republican Party’s declining election performance.

Shortly after, the cash reserves of the RNC started to decrease, and the party fell short of its fundraising targets in 2022. By the conclusion of 2023, an FEC filing revealed that the RNC had only $8 million in available cash. As former President Donald Trump distanced himself from the RNC chair, scrutiny over McDaniel’s suitability for the position intensified. Trump openly expressed doubts about her suitability in several press meetings held in early February.

During an interview with Fox News, Trump acknowledged McDaniel’s accomplishments in Michigan over the years but subtly hinted at upcoming changes, suggesting that adjustments might be on the horizon.

A post published on Trump’s Truth Social account on February 5 appeared to support the notion that he was considering replacing her. Although he affirmed her position as the RNC leader at the time, he cautioned that this status might change following the conclusion of the South Carolina primaries.

Shortly after, an unidentified source who spoke to the press revealed that Trump had privately met with McDaniel at Mar-a-Lago to address the issue. This encounter promptly led to news articles suggesting that the chairwoman had already agreed to resign.

McDaniel promptly refuted these allegations in a memo to the RNC, initially obtained by the Daily Caller. Emphasizing her unwavering dedication to the mission, she dispelled any rumors of her resignation at that time. McDaniel stated, “Nothing has changed, and there will not be any decisions made until after South Carolina.” Following the South Carolina primary on February 24, McDaniel disclosed her intention to resign just days later.


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