Brandon Suffers Major Loss Over His Student Forgiveness Scam


Joe Biden’s plan to cancel student loans was rejected by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday, rejecting a Wisconsin group’s request to have the order blocked. Liberals threw the first punch, claiming that no one could possibly have enough authority to oppose the president’s decision.

On Friday, things changed rapidly, though. Now that an administrative stay has been placed in place by the 8th Circuit, Biden cannot forgive any student debt.

To halt the probably certainly unconstitutional scheme until the merits of an injunction could be decided, six separate Republican states took the lead. Now that the cancellation has been put on hold, litigation can continue. Furthermore, it is highly likely that the states led by the GOP will prevail given the makeup of the 8th Circuit. Eventually, it would probably come to the Supreme Court, which is just as awful a place for Biden to play.

The fact that these folks are criticizing countrywide injunctions after left-leaning courts frequently used them against the Trump administration even when they were manifestly unjustified is also highly ironic. The left wants to avoid upholding the precedents it uses to punish its opponents.

We can only hope that this is the beginning of the end for Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. It is absolutely absurd and despotic that the president could spend a trillion dollars with the wave of a pen in an effort to buy votes before a midterm election.


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