Sleepy Joe Nearly Fell Asleep And Forgot He Was Being Interviewed On Live TV


When asked if his wife, Jill Biden, wants him to run again in 2024, Biden looked to either momentarily nod off or have trouble gathering his thoughts during an interview with MSNBC.

After some difficulty, he managed to reply that his wife believes “we’re doing something very important.”

Even the reporter can be heard saying “oh” at one point, just before Biden seems to focus again.

Even if it’s not entirely clear what transpired, it’s unheard of for someone to just sort of pause in that way when given a straightforward question.

The reporter’s hasty “oh,” which he used to indicate that he was astonished by anything, just serves to confirm the suspicion that something was awry.

If Biden does lose focus, it wouldn’t be the first bizarre incident to occur. The President has had a number of humiliating situations.

He’s read teleprompter lines in a funny way, appeared to get disoriented on stages, had trouble answering questions clearly, and more.

Sadly, the President has experienced moments like this before. There was a time where he read the words “end of quote, repeat the line” on his teleprompter.

In another instance, President Joe Biden spelled out D-O-T that’s the . in an email address.


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