China Has Opened Illegal Police Stations In In US And Canada


This report should not surprise any rational person who pays even a passing attention to the onslaught on personal freedom in both the United States and Canada given the current political climates in those two nations. The fact that Communist China continues to jeopardize territorial integrity all around the world is still horrifying.

To keep tabs on its nationals living abroad, China has erected hundreds of “overseas police service stations” around the globe, including three in Toronto and one in New York City. The majority of police stations are located in never-learning Europe, including those in London, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Paris, Madrid, and Frankfurt. There are 54 such stations altogether spread throughout 30 different nations.

Xi Jinping, the brutal dictator of ChiCom, is surely still shaking his head in amazement as the foolish continues to play out across numerous foreign spheres.

According to the report, China has been conducting operations that have convinced 230,000 Chinese nationals to return to China voluntarily over the past year in order to face criminal prosecution in an effort to combat the growing problem of fraud and telecommunication fraud by Chinese citizens living abroad.

These operations disregard formal bilateral law enforcement and judicial collaboration, violate the rule of law internationally, and may violate the territorial integrity of foreign countries engaged in the establishment of a parallel policing system employing illegal techniques.

It is obvious that nations governed by the standards established by universal human rights and the rule of law urgently need to look into these practices in order to identify the (local) actors at work, mitigate the risks, and effectively protect the expanding number of those targeted as these operations continue to develop and new mechanisms are put in place.

Both President Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, declined to comment.

The article states that many of the functions would typically be handled by a foreign embassy, despite the Communist Chinese government’s claims that the stations offer essential services to its nationals residing abroad. Instead, according to the study, the stations have been utilized to strengthen China’s ability to enforce international law abroad.


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