Whiny Biden Complains at Awards Event About Being Picked On


Joe Biden gave a speech in Washington, D.C. at the Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus. Saturday evening.

When Biden stepped out to talk, he exclaimed, “Whoa,” as if he had been met with thunderous ovation when in fact none had occurred. It appears like either the audience wasn’t engaged or Joe misread the cue.

Then, Biden continued to peddle a lot of rubbish about the accomplishments he had apparently made.

According to Biden, the Inflation Reduction Act he helped pass was the most aggressive response to the climate issue in the course of human history.

Then he attacked lawmakers who opposed it and had families that would have benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program in an effort to defend his student loan rescue.

Nevertheless, whether you like it or not, the PPP program was legal. Congress approved it. Nobody has approved of Biden’s bailout, which is basically something he pulled out of his rear and is an illegal, blatant attempt to purchase votes with taxpayer money. He lacks the constitutional authority to simply transfer taxpayer funds and place the burden of that debt on the rest of us who are not responsible for it.

Then Biden tried to play tough while complaining about how Republicans were picking on him.


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