Concerns Rise as US Faces Supplying Arms to Two Wars at Once

America SPREAD THIN - Can We Keep This Up?


When conflicts arise in other parts of the world involving American allies, the United States usually becomes engaged. Because of this, they are often referred to as the “police of the world.” The United States provides aid in the form of ammunition. There are currently two active wars in the world, and some have questioned the United States’ ability to supply weaponry to both sides.

Two Wars

Russia has been at war with Ukraine for nearly two years, during which time the United States has provided billions of dollars in military aid to the country. Included in this category are the many types of ammunition, rocket systems, missiles, and other weaponry the country will need to counter the forces of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and massacred hundreds of innocent civilians. The Israeli government declared war on the militants and began shelling the Gaza Strip.The Jewish state made it quite obvious that it intended to destroy Hamas and prevent another tragedy of this scale. Vice President Joe Biden assured Israel of the United States’ undying support, and Washington promptly dispatched military aid.

Munitions, Munitions, and More Munitions

At a news conference on October 9, US Army Secretary Christine Wormuth stated the service needs more funding from Congress so it can supply weapons to Israel and Ukraine simultaneously. She argued that it will be required “in terms of [America’s] capacity to expand production” and funding.

There have been rumors for months that the United States is running low on ammo. Defense Department top weapons purchaser Bill LaPlante reported in September that ammunition production had been ramped up. In particular, 155mm artillery ammunition have been in high demand ever since the Russian war got underway. At a press conference he announced that 100,000 artillery shells will be produced monthly by the year 2025.

Is the US in Danger?

Some citizens may wonder if the United States is in risk of exhausting its supply of weapons for self-defense.

The United States often gives away its surplus of guns and ammunition to foreign countries. A legal minimum of weapons and ammunition for defense and military training must be maintained by the armed forces at all times. The precise figure is not known to the general public.

Furthermore, experts have noted that Israel and Ukraine require distinct arsenals in their respective conflicts. The Pentagon has ensured it has adequate weapons to help its other friends if necessary, a US official told POLITICO, so they don’t anticipate any problems with supplying aid to both countries.


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