Dem Accused of Murdering Journalist Smirks During Court Appearance


During his court appearance on Tuesday morning, Robert Telles, the Democrat who is charged with killing a reporter from the Las Vegas Journal-Review, was spotted grinning.

The 45-year-old Democrat grinned during his hearing as he stood in the courtroom’s entranceway in Las Vegas, according to KSNV. The next time he will appear in court is on Tuesday, September 20.

Telles was also spotted with white bandages covering his arms from his claimed suicide attempt, in which he allegedly sliced his wrists prior to being arrested last week.

Telles is also thought to have used drugs before being caught.

The Democrat politician was accused last week of killing Jeff German, 69, who was discovered dead on September 3 with several stab wounds outside his home.

Following German’s inquiries, Telles just lost his bid for reelection. The 45-year-old and other Clark County officials would be the subject of a follow-up article by the journalist.

According to the Review-Journal, hostile work settings and an inappropriate relationship with a coworker are part of the investigations into Telles and the other three Clark County officials.

In response to the inquiries, Telles referred to German as a “bully” on Twitter.

The Clark County administrator is still being paid while he is incarcerated because he has not yet formally resigned from his position. He presently receives a $130,000 yearly salary.

German was one of the Review-most Journal’s esteemed reporters and had spent more than 40 years covering crime and corruption in Las Vegas.


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