FBI Turns Up on Doorstep of Trump Supporter


According to reports, the FBI has executed search warrants at the residences of Trump supporters, and the DOJ has served subpoenas on individuals, all in an effort to harass and attack the president’s allies.

Lisa Gallagher of New Jersey has come out and claimed that the FBI arrived at her house the morning after Joe Biden gave his “anti-MAGA” speech. Gallagher is just a regular person and a fan of Trump; she is not a “Trump ally.” She shared the tale on Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

When federal officials arrived at her door, Gallagher claimed she was afraid. She claimed that even though she knew she had done nothing illegal, she still felt this was political even though she had watched Biden’s address the night before. She clarified that the FBI officers had informed her that they had gotten a tip that she had been at the Capitol on January 6. In order to prove that she hadn’t been in the Capitol on that day, she welcomed them into her house and showed them her calendars.

They must now, two years later, be aware of anyone who participated in the activities at the Capitol on January 6. Are they genuinely attempting to track down individuals as a result of an unrelated tip? That’s alarming not only because the FBI is threatening, but also because anyone may suddenly report someone they don’t like with such a thinly veiled charge. That sort of thing occurs in fascist and communist countries.


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