Dem Candidate Squirms When Asked If She Wants Biden Running with Her


If you were a candidate running for office, especially in a state that often opposes your party and what it stands for, you might assume that you would seize the chance to have the president appear and mobilize support for you.

Having the president assist you sounds like it would be a huge benefit for your campaign and something that, if nothing else, could help with collecting money. After all, the president is, well, the president.

When asked if she wanted Biden to come assist her out and campaign with her, Florida Democratic candidate Annette Taddeo squirmed and attempted to sidestep the topic.

Taddeo discussed her candidacy and Vice President Joe Biden with CNN’s Boris Sanchez on Saturday.

After mentioning that Biden’s popularity rating is currently in the 40s, Sanchez went on to openly inquire whether she needed Biden’s assistance, adding, “Would you like to see him come down to campaign with you?”

Taddeo dodged and flinched while babbling, never truly responding “yes” or “no,” in spite of the directness of the question.

“Look, I know that I have my own campaign to win, and we will get lots of help from lots of people, but at the end of the day, I know that the way that I win this race is by us actually telling my story, telling why we need a real representative. We have somebody right now that votes constantly against our community.”


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