Democrats Outraged After Baltimore Cop Saves a Woman’s Life

Liberals Lash Out At Hero Cop (VIDEO)


The vast majority of law enforcement officers are top-notch. For those who labor in cities like Chicago or Baltimore, they frequently risk their lives merely by going to work.

We are aware that there are some genuinely awful police officers, though.

Who can forget the horrific murder of Tyre Nichols, age 29? To refresh everyone’s memory, Tyre was beaten by five Memphis police officers. Three days later, he passed away in his hospital bed.

The policemen were later dismissed and are now being prosecuted on several counts. After a routine traffic check, Tyre was unjustly beaten and pulled from his car in horrifying footage that lasted for almost 30 minutes.

He then made off on foot. After being apprehended by police, the policemen battered and kicked the young man while he screamed for his mother.

Note that Tyre had not protested being taken into custody. Furthermore, he was denied the chance to speak out for himself. He was violently attacked by the cops as they alternated between throwing him around like a rag doll.

One of the most terrifying things to view is a combination of films that featured footage from a CCTV camera as well as body cam footage.

As if the severe and pointless brutality wasn’t stunning enough, it was terrible to watch Tyre pushed up against a car in apparent valor as cops seemed to be bragging about it. They also exaggerated Tyre’s acts that led to his vicious attack.

The fact that BLM and the woke left seemed to have little interest in Tyre’s murder was certainly noteworthy; perhaps this was because the killers were black and this didn’t fit their narrative.

As you can see from the bodycam footage below, police officers approach the scene and order Tyree Morehead to get on the ground as he is seen stabbing a lady.

The police officer fires in an effort to protect the lady from Tyree, who is still attacking her.

A rather reasonable inference from this video footage would be that, had the officer not shot Tyree in the woman’s protection, Tyree would have gravely hurt or killed the woman.

Tyree’s family is contesting the officer’s reason for the shooting, which is totally ridiculous given the fact that anybody may dispute his conduct.


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