Biden Administration Releasing Chinese Illegal Immigrants Into the US

WH Admin Caught Aiding And Abetting (VIDEO)


Fox News was able to capture images of Border Patrol agents letting illegal immigrants through the southern border, but those were not your ordinary illegal aliens.

They even come from China; neither are they from Mexico or Central America.

A few days ago, Border Patrol authorities were seen rounding up a group of Chinese illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border in a video posted on Twitter by Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins. It happened in the Rio Grande Valley.

It goes further than that. Jenkins then uploaded a second video of Border Patrol agents in Brownsville, Texas, releasing a group of Chinese nationals who had court appearance summons.

They allegedly were given to an NGO since a traditional institution is unable to house them. It’s bad enough that there are a lot of illegal immigrants from Latin America, but it’s also obvious how the Chinese are permitted to enter the nation covertly.

The delicate nature of the problem is demonstrated by how simple it is for Chinese nationals to enter the United States despite their location on the other side of the world. The state of relations between the United States and China makes things worse.

China is probably the United States’ biggest foreign foe.

The Chinese dictatorship is also taking a more antagonistic stance toward both America and Taiwan, leading many to believe that a conflict between the world’s two greatest heavyweights is imminent.

Given this, it makes sense that others have questioned whether these individuals were in fact immigrants or rather Chinese government agents and spies. Sen. JD Vance is one who has thought about it and responded to this information on Twitter.

Vance accomplished this by asking if those illegal aliens would be gathering intelligence on our military installations and snooping on Americans. He concluded by saying that the US government doesn’t appear to be concerned.


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