Fellow Dem Skewers WH Speaker for Failed Leadership


Democrats are once again eating their own as the infighting among GOP members heats up as Trump increasingly seems like he’ll run again, DeSantis is positioning himself to be the nominee if he doesn’t, and Conservative, Inc. oligarchs are losing their minds over the idea of the bad orange man once again holding the ostensible reins of power.

Even fewer Democrats than Brandon think Cackling Kamala is remotely tolerable. Newsom has rallied the pro-abortion crowd to his cause by placing pro-abortion billboards with Bible verses throughout red states. The climate change debate has also heightened tensions between moderate Manchin types and extreme AOC types.

The famed day trader and Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, is currently the target of criticism from Virginia Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger for what she called a failure of House leadership about Pelosi’s claimed overturning of a restriction on legislator stock trading.

This incident is a failure of House leadership, which is another reason why, as I have long stated, I think the Democratic Party needs new leaders in the hallways of Capitol Hill.

Spanberger criticized Pelosi for changing her mind about expanding the STOCK Act, a 2012 statute that forbids politicians from trading stocks using insider knowledge.

Pelosi, who has been charged with breaking the law as a result of her husband Paul Pelosi’s suspiciously timed stock sales, first opposed strengthening the STOCK Act but later changed her mind as a result of the uproar her opposition had caused.

Spanberger continued by saying that the package that was made public earlier this week was intended to fail. It was crafted to give the impression that the House Leadership wanted to take action while also confusing reform efforts and complicating a simple reform objective.


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