Fetterman Says He Doesn’t Align With Dem Progressives

    Dem TURNS On Far-Left - DELUSIONAL!


    n light of the recent events in Gaza and the war between Hamas and Israel, Senator John Fetterman has spoken out about his position on the Israeli government, saying that he is no longer the progressive he professed to be.

    Fetterman, in a Friday interview with NBC News, emphasized his dedication to Democratic principles, especially on matters such as choice, while declaring that he is not a progressive. He declared, “I’m going to be on the right side of that” in reference to Israel. Furthermore, he emphasized the necessity to address immigration concerns efficiently by expressing strong concern about them.

    Many are upset that Fetterman has joined the Republican Party in calling for a tougher immigration policy.

    Many of his earlier assertions are at odds with his recent remarks in which he denies being a progressive.

    In 2016, Fetterman shared in a Twitter post that he had begun a progressive movement in Pennsylvania. This was one of over a dozen instances over the years when he referred to himself as a “progressive.”

    In 2018, the senator once again took to Twitter to stress that his candidacy was based on progressive principles.

    Responding to Jeb Bush in 2020, Fetterman tweeted, “My friend, I’m a progressive Democrat at heart.”

    The pattern continues with similar statements.

    According to Fetterman’s prior interviews, he considered himself a progressive. In an exclusive interview with WHYY during his 2017 campaign for lieutenant governor, he promised to remain a steadfast advocate for progressive principles and a dependable ally to the state.

    Fetterman said in an interview with NBC News that he would work with Republicans on tougher immigration laws in exchange for increased aid to Israel. He brought up the fact that Israel killed over 16,000 Palestinians in retaliation for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas, which killed over 1,000 Israelis. The majority of the casualties in Gaza have been minors and women.

    It is imperative that Progressives take action, Fetterman stressed. We must not turn our backs on Israel or Ukraine now, he emphasized. We need to be honest with ourselves and honor our word to them. I am eager to finalize an agreement for this crucial assistance.


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