Psaki Claims White House Wants Hunter to Zip His Mouth Shut

ZIP IT - White House Wants Him to STOP TALKING!


According to Jen Psaki, a former White House press secretary and current MSNBC host, the White House has asked Hunter Biden to refrain from making public statements as of December 17. Psaki made the revelation after he defied the Congress Oversight Committee’s subpoena to deliver a closed-door testimony.

Kristen Welker, host of “Meet the Press” on NBC, asked Psaki whether Hunter Biden benefited or suffered from the unannounced press conference. Many in the White House want Joe Biden Jr. to “stop talking,” according to the former Biden press secretary, who added that it wasn’t helpful at all.

Psaki went on to say that many in the nation’s capital believe that, given his present legal predicament, Hunter Biden is “hurting himself” by engaging in these activities. Nevertheless, she emphasized that the knowledge that President Biden loves his son is one of the most “complicated” and “takes precedence” details in relation to the situation at hand.

The MSNBC host went on to tell Welker that President Biden’s “mental health” is a major concern for him and that everyone in the White House is aware of how much Biden “loves his family.” On the other hand, she did mention that a number of White House officials feel the president’s son should pull back from the spotlight so as not to damage the president’s popularity, according to her.

Several surveys have shown that the president’s popularity is plummeting, which might lead to his defeat in the 2024 presidential race. President Biden’s position on the military war between the Israeli government and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is widely seen as reprehensible, which is one of the numerous reasons for his growing unpopularity.

Nevertheless, the commander-in-chief’s reputation is taking a hit due to his son’s controversies and the ongoing House inquiry into the Biden family’s alleged crooked business transactions, particularly among independent and Republican voters. In fact, several high-ranking Democrats have even voiced the opinion that their party should choose a different candidate for president in 2024.


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