Florida Democrats Having a Rough Go of Things Lately


Florida switched from being a swing state to a red state in 2021.

As a result of the enormous influx of new residents to Florida, the lead in voter registration moved from Democrats to Republicans.

Meanwhile, every Florida Democrat who wants to go on Governor Ron DeSantis in this year’s gubernatorial election is trailing him in the polls.

DeSantis’ chances of re-election as governor are bolstered by the fact that his party currently has a statewide advantage in terms of registered voters.

The statewide gubernatorial election, however, is only one of numerous arenas where Florida Democrats have fallen short. According to Breitbart News, Democrats in Florida are having difficulty finding people to run for Congress.

With August 2021 looming closer by the day, the Florida Democratic Party is running out of time to identify candidates willing to run in congressional races.

The Miami Herald, on the other hand, reports that Democrats in South Florida are having trouble deciding which candidates to place on the ballot. This comes at a time when Florida is through a redistricting process, which isn’t exactly working in Democrats’ advantage.


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