Florida Men Found Guilty Of Voter Fraud – Sentenced To Prison!


Due to their illegally forged signatures on Florida voter registration forms and petitions for constitutional amendments last year, two individuals have been found guilty and given prison sentences in Duval County, Florida.

After being detained for submitting many fake voter registrations to Duval County election authorities, 32-year-old Devin King entered a guilty plea and was given a year in prison followed by probation.

Jordan Daniels, a 35-year-old co-conspirator, received the same punishment and was given a sentence of 10 months in prison followed by 14 months on probation. Additionally, he was mandated to perform 100 hours of community service and pay a $2,000 fine.

J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) commented,  “As a result of our research, it appears these two men were arrested for election crimes. We handed this report to state officials to increase pressure on state prosecutors to address this and other election crime referrals. Since this report, Governor Ron DeSantis has implemented a state election crimes unit, making Florida’s election significantly more secure.”

Daniels was first detained in November 2021 on suspicion of stealing the identities of more than 20 people, and he was then detained again in June of this year on suspicion of using more than ten victims’ personal information for criminal purposes.

Elections authorities in Duval County observed a huge number of suspicious-looking voter registration papers submitted through a third party last summer, according to Daniels’ arrest report from November 2021.

The report listed instances of mismatched signatures, inaccurate personal information, and documents that typically arrived used but immaculate.

The forms were linked to King and Daniels after an inquiry. In November 2021, both were taken into custody. Ten of the people they attempted to register to vote for, according to investigators, were deceased.


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