Intel Officials Claim Russia Not Behind Nord Stream Leak

International Scandal Update Reveals UNEXPECTED Twist


At the end of September, several explosions tore through the Nord Stream pipes in the Baltic Sea. The world community instantly accused Russia of being responsible for the attack. Currently, sources claim that the Russians were not involved in the incidents.

The Washington Post (WaPo) said that sources familiar with the inquiry into the Nord Stream pipelines claim that authorities haven’t discovered any evidence connecting Russia to the explosion. Nearly 20 people were interviewed by the newspaper. An unnamed source categorically stated that there was no connection between Russia and the explosions, which resulted in a significant methane leak in the Baltic Sea.

At the height of the energy crisis, damage to the pipelines occurred. At the time, rumors circulated that Russia was responsible for the damage in order to persuade the nations whose gas supply came from the pipelines to stop supporting Ukraine.

The Swedish Security Service acknowledged in November that it had discovered foreign devices that it thought had been used to harm the pipelines. European investigators continue to suspect it was purposeful, the WaPo story said. Some still believe Russia was responsible.

Russia, on its part, has criticized the European Union’s investigation into the explosions as being inadequate.


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