Florida Republican Tears Into Democrats for Walking Out on Hearing

Democrats WALK OUT - GOP Rep. Furious!


House Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee staged a walkout during a recent hearing that questioned the progressive idea of providing sexual reassignment to children experiencing gender dysphoria. In a June 24 interview on Fox and Friends, Florida Republican Representative Kat Cammack strongly criticized her fellow left-wing colleagues, referring to their beliefs as extreme.

The source of contention arises from HR 3887, also known as the Children’s Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act of 2023, which aims to modify Title III of the Public Health Service Act. This bill suggests reducing financial support for hospitals that offer “gender-affirming care” to individuals under 18, including treatments like puberty blockers, prescription hormones, and surgical procedures. Cammack and other conservatives in Washington assert that these interventions are not supported by peer-reviewed research, meaning there is no substantial evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Many Democrats appear to oppose this notion, as they seem to hold onto the belief that it is acceptable to make changes to children, even those who haven’t reached puberty. They argue that these interventions are life-saving, but at the same time, they are advocating for permanent alterations and, in some instances, permanent scarring of individuals who may be too young to make such decisions for themselves.

During a Fox News interview, they spoke with an individual who had gone through a “detransition” process, revealing that he experienced confusion while dealing with gender dysphoria, which led him to undergo body modifications. Looking back, he acknowledged that his homosexuality had made him feel embarrassed, and he believed transitioning was the solution to his struggles.

Starting at the age of 13, he underwent years of treatment with hormone blockers and supplements, only to undergo castration at 19, a decision he deeply regrets now. He claims that if he hadn’t been exposed to significant LGBTQ propaganda, he would never have pursued gender reassignment. Lawmakers like Cammack aim to protect other children from facing similar distressing outcomes.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), the sponsor of HR 3887, has expressed his strong opinions on the matter. In the intense House committee debate, he referred to research supporting conservative apprehensions about the lasting consequences of gender reassignment and the importance of excluding children from such interventions.

As mentioned in a prior report by Fox News, he pointed out that the British Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the Endocrine Society, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all reached separate conclusions, stating that there was no evidence to suggest any benefits for young patients from these practices.


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