White House Reporter Begs Biden To Do A Real Press Conference

WH Reporter BEGS Biden To Do A Real Press Conference (VIDEO)


A White House reporter on Thursday asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for the second time to get President Joe Biden to come out from behind the proverbial closed door and hold a serious press conference.

The plea came during a press briefing, in which the reporter made a passionate appeal to Jean-Pierre: “Once again, if we could just ask him to step out of that door into this room for 45 minutes. So I ask you again to pass that along to him, to ask him to come out and see us.”

The proposal reflects the growing dissatisfaction of the press with the administration’s refusal to be open with them.

Jean Pierre’s remark was extremely condescending. “I appreciate the request. Thank you for the request. The President, as you know, you know, again, I appreciate the question and I get it… This is a president that has done more in the first two years, two and a half years when it comes to the economy.”


The Biden administration seemed more concerned with protecting their narrative than listening to the concerns of the people or even the media, therefore the reporter’s pleading fell on deaf ears.

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