Gwyneth Paltrow Accused of “Hit and Run” Accident

Hollywood ICON Accused Of Hit And Run Accident!


Gwyneth Paltrow, an Emmy Award-winning actress, is most recognized for her extensive filmography, which spans from the early 1990s to the present. The actress gained notoriety as a health and wellness expert over the years and founded a business called goop that provides advise on food, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

Paltrow founded the G label of clothing, developed a skincare business, and authored several cookbooks. She has, however, recently made headlines for a different cause unrelated to her businesses or her professional life.

In January 2019, Paltrow was being sued by retired ophthalmologist Terry Sanderson for allegedly colliding with him while the two were skiing in 2016 and then fled the scene. The trial just started, recently.

According to reports, Sanderson alleges Paltrow bumped into him while he was skiing in Utah’s Flagstaff Mountain and simply “skied away,” inflicting injuries on him including several fractured ribs, a “permanent traumatic brain injury,” and other harm.

The plaintiff’s request for $300,000 in damages is a significant reduction from his earlier demand of more than $3.1 million.

Sanderson is being countersued for $1 by Paltrow. The retired man is also asked by the actress to pay her legal fees if she prevails in the lawsuit. She said that the action was initiated only because of her popularity and riches and was “meritless.” Sanderson, according to Paltrow, skied into her, causing the crash and not her. She said that the event left her with injuries after receiving a “full body blow.”

A ski instructor who was there at the time, Eric Christiansen, apparently did not directly see the incident but supported Paltrow’s account of what happened. He did witness the collision, the actress claimed. Craig Ramon, a different alleged witness and a friend of Sanderson, claimed to have witnessed the incident. He says Paltrow is to blame.


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