Bad News for Biden as Approval Rating Sinks Again

Brandon's POLLING Just Fell Off A Cliff!


President Joe Biden still denies that he would likely only serve one term as president, but if he decides to run again, he may be in for a rude awakening. His left-wing agenda has been known to voters for more than two years, and they don’t like it. The president’s standing has never been great, and it is currently declining once more.

Never in his presidency has Biden enjoyed the same level of popularity. His approval ratings started to fall as soon as he started working, and they have never fully recovered. He hit a low of 36% approval last summer, and ever since, he’s been lurching along the floor; it appears like a genuine popularity comeback is beyond him. Democrats’ expectations were modestly raised earlier this month when surveys revealed that only 42% of Americans were satisfied with the job Biden was doing, but a recent poll indicates that he is already retreating once again.

According to a poll conducted on March 23 by the Associated Press and NORC, Biden’s approval rating actually increased to 45% in February but has since dropped to 38%. There is no reason to think it will rebound any time soon, leaving it close to the record low set last July. Voters are especially dissatisfied with how Biden is handling the economy; only 31% believe he is doing a good job, while 68% believe he is failing.

Even more dismal views of the country’s future are held by voters. The percentage of those who believe the US is headed in the right direction has significantly decreased, from 28% in February to only 21% now. The disagreement over the direction the country is taking is more evenly distributed, whereas sentiments about Biden are more partisan in nature. Democrats and Republicans are both more unhappy than they were last month. Until the 2024 campaign picks up steam, the president has a limited amount of time to regain his popularity.


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