Harvey Weinstein Gets Huge Prison Sentence

Hollywood ICON Sentenced To Prison - It's Official!


Harvey Weinstein was regarded as one of the most influential people in Hollywood. Many actors and actresses’ careers were launched by his organization, The Harvey Weinstein Company. As other women came out and said he had sexually abused them, he lost his favor. In New York, he was found guilty of rape and given a severe prison term. He has now received the sentence from California.

Judge Lisa B. Lench of the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered Weinstein to 16 years in prison on Thursday, February 23. He was found guilty by a jury of forcibly  forcible rape, oral copulation, and other heinous related crimes in December. Weinstein received a 23-year sentence in New York and will now suffer in jail. 

The accusations against Weinstein that led to his conviction in Los Angeles concerned Jane Doe 1, a woman who said the producer had molested her in her hotel room in February of 2003, ten years prior. Evgeniya Chernyshova came forward and identified herself as “Jane Doe 1” after the judge had already given the punishment.

The actress of “Triggerman” told The Hollywood Reporter that she was “tired of hiding” and longed for her life to be normal. “I want my life back. I’m Evgeniya, I’ve been raped. This is my story.”

Weinstein has asserted time and over again that he did not abuse anyone. During his sentencing hearing, he charged Chernyshova of lying about the rape  charged Chernyshova of lying about the rape during his sentencing hearing and asserted that she “turned the tears on” because she is “an actress” .

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), claimed Weinstein assaulted her during the trial. Likewise did model Lauren Young. The jury was unable to come to a verdict regarding the charges that were present in their charges against him.

In January, Weinstein appealed his New York conviction. His lawyer claims that New York State Supreme Court Judge James Burke erred in allowing specific testimony during the trial and that the court’s decision to rule against him was influenced by the Me Too Movement.


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